Procedures concerning the representativeness of social partners are given only

Thursday, January 13th 2022.

Procedures concerning the representativeness of social partners are given only

Regulations concerning the representativeness of personal associates become given best in relation to the national-level tripartite human anatomy, the commercial and personal Council (HSR). Relating to tripartite Act No. 103/2007, best peak-level trade unions and employersa€™ organizations that represent at the very least 100,000 staff and employers in about five (from eight) areas (greater territorial products, VUC) can take part in the HSR. Trade unions have to be productive in many areas. There isn’t any representativeness criterion for trade unions relating to collective bargaining plus the summation of collective agreements (a representativeness criterion is temporarily released from 1 Sep 2011 to 31 December 2012 via amendments toward Labour laws).

More information on the representativeness associated with the main personal spouse organizations are located in Eurofounda€™s representativeness study for best online dating sites Corpus Christi the cross-industry personal associates or even in Eurofounda€™s sectoral representativeness reports.

Trade unions

About trade-union representation

Trade unions bring an extended heritage in Slovakia. Membership in unions are voluntary and a€“ except for expert troops a€“ no specific gang of staff members are excluded from signing up for trade unions. The process of trade-union organisations are controlled by operate No. 83/1990 on association of people. As a holdover from the organization of trade unions operating in socialist political program before 1989, trade unions are organized by sectors. These include found in the personal together with community areas.

Trade unions include organized at market also regional business degrees. Trade unions will often have productive users, but some trade unions retain the account regarding retired people and.

Trade union account and trade-union occurrence







Trade union occurrence with regards to effective staff members

OECD/AIAS ICTWSS Databases 2021

Trade-union occurrence when it comes to active workers

authora€™s own estimation

Trade-union account in 1000s

OECD/AIAS ICTWSS Databases 2021

Trade-union membership in 1000s

2013a€“2018 is dependant on records from KOZ SR, NKOS and VSOZ and estimations with regards to KUK

2022 is dependent on data of KOZ SR, SOS, NKOS and estimations on KUK and other not affiliated unions.

Principal trade-union confederations and federations

There was one principal trade union confederation in the united kingdom: the Confederation of Trade Unions from the Slovak Republic (KOZ SR). In 2022, KOZ SR connected 25 sectoral trade-union groups approximately 243,000 customers. In October 2018, another trade-union confederation, Joint Trade Unions of Slovakia (SOS), was actually established. The following prominent will be the separate Christian Trade Unions of Slovakia (NKOS), followed by the Confederation of artwork and society (KUK) plus the standard free-trade Union Association (VSOZ), that have actually a substantially reduced membership a€“ relating to readily available information and estimations, they may have in regards to 5,000 people in total.

Principal trade union confederations and federations

Long term



Involved in collective bargaining?

Konfederacia odborovych zvazov Slovenskej republiky (Confederation of Trade Unions associated with the Slovak Republic)

Splocne odbory Slovenska (Joint Trade Unions of Slovakia)

About 26,000-28,000 (2022)

Indeed, via their members

Nezavisle krestanske odbory Slovenska (private Christian Trade Unions of Slovakia)

About 3,000 (2022)

Vseobecny slobodny odborovy zvaz (standard free-trade Union organization)

No present ideas offered

No big organisational adjustment occurred during the KOZ SR until 2006. Mergers of sector trade unions affiliated to KOZ SR occurred mainly in 2007a€“2009. In 2007, the Slovak Trade Union of people providers, in 2008, the free general public street transportation Union plus in 2009 the Metallurgy Union merged using the steel trade-union (ounces Kovo). In 2008, the fabric, clothes and commander Union and transportation Union combined because of the development Trade Union relationship (ounces Stavba) and set up the incorporated Trade Union relationship (IOZ) on 1 January 2009. Last year, the Chemical trade-union merged utilizing the Slovak Trade Union Association concerning Energy Workers and conventional a joint focus and/or compound Workers Union (ECHOZ). Since 2012, some trade unionists kept the trade union groups associated to KOZ SR and developed brand new trade union enterprises – the brand new studies Trade Unions, the Trade Union organization of Nurses and Midwifes, brand new trade-union Association of authorities, the present day Trade Unions Volkswagen in addition to current Trade Unions AIOS. In 2018, these unions developed Joint Trade Unions of Slovakia (SOS). Based on the available facts, the VSOZ had been mixed in 2022. No information is offered about alterations in the KUK and about another trade unions, that are not associated to almost any associated with above-mentioned biggest trade unions.

Employersa€™ enterprises

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